CNN Confirms: COHEN LIED! Plus Cohen’s Emails HIDDEN from Grand Jury

Michael Cohen’s ex-lawyer Robert Costello confirmed that Bragg Prosecutors buried exculpatory evidence related to Michael Cohen’s claims during the Trump grand jury proceedings. Now, after Cohen’s testimony, even CNN cannot deny the truth about Michael Cohen’s credibility.


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CNN has confirmed that Michael Cohen lied during his testimony, a startling admission considering CNN’s usual stance. Prominent figures such as Anderson Cooper and Elie Honig have weighed in, expressing their dismay at Cohen’s performance on the stand. When even CNN, which often presents narratives unfavorable to Trump, is repulsed by Cohen’s testimony, it signals just how dire the situation is. Cooper and Honig have detailed how Todd Blanche, Trump’s defense attorney, dismantled Cohen’s credibility.

Anderson Cooper’s Take

Anderson Cooper described the cross-examination by Todd Blanche as methodical and devastating. Blanche meticulously deconstructed a key phone conversation that Cohen had previously testified to, undermining Cohen’s account. Cohen had claimed this call involved discussing the Stormy Daniels payment with Trump. However, Blanche revealed that the call also included Cohen dealing with prank calls from 14-year-olds. This contradiction severely damaged Cohen’s credibility. Cooper noted how Blanche’s aggressive questioning style left Cohen flustered, often forcing him to stall or feign confusion to buy time.

Elie Honig’s Perspective

Elie Honig echoed Cooper’s sentiments, emphasizing the impact of Blanche’s cross-examination on Cohen’s reliability as a witness. Honig pointed out that this wasn’t just a matter of poking holes in Cohen’s story but completely dismantling the core of his allegations against Trump. The jury, as well as observers like Cooper and Honig, witnessed Cohen’s credibility crumble under pressure.

Cohen’s Recording Habit

The revelations about Cohen’s habit of recording conversations without the other party’s knowledge added another layer of ethical concerns. Blanche pressed Cohen on this practice, highlighting its questionable nature even if it might be legally permissible in certain jurisdictions. The courtroom reaction was one of unease, with even CNN’s legal analysts acknowledging the problematic nature of Cohen’s actions.

Abandonment by CNN

As the trial progressed, it became clear that CNN, which had once championed Cohen’s narrative, was now distancing itself. The network’s commentators and legal analysts were unanimous in their assessment that Cohen’s testimony had been a disaster. This shift underscored the gravity of the situation for the prosecution, which had relied heavily on Cohen’s testimony to build their case against Trump.

Robert Costello’s Testimony

Adding to the prosecution’s woes, Cohen’s former lawyer, Robert Costello, provided damning insights into the ethical problems and prosecutorial misconduct surrounding the case. Costello revealed that he had presented substantial exculpatory evidence to Alvin Bragg’s team, which they chose to ignore. This included emails and other communications that could have significantly impacted the grand jury’s view of Cohen’s credibility.

Grand Jury Testimony

Costello recounted his experience before the grand jury, where he tried to introduce a large volume of exculpatory material. However, the prosecutors only selected a few pieces to present, cherry-picking evidence to fit their narrative. Costello’s frustration was palpable as he explained how he insisted on providing a comprehensive view of the evidence, only to be shut down repeatedly.

Selective Prosecution

Costello’s testimony highlighted a broader issue of selective prosecution. Despite presenting numerous emails and messages that portrayed Cohen in a different light, the prosecution was determined to pursue the case against Trump. Costello emphasized that these documents, created in the regular course of business, qualified as business records and should have been admissible. However, the prosecution’s refusal to include them suggested a deliberate attempt to skew the evidence.

Cohen’s Desperation

Costello also recounted conversations with Cohen where he described his desperation and willingness to do anything to avoid jail time. Cohen admitted to Costello that he had nothing substantial on Trump, repeatedly insisting that he was being unfairly targeted. This desperation, Costello argued, drove Cohen to fabricate stories and cooperate with the prosecution in hopes of securing leniency.

The NDA Issue

One of the key points of contention was the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) involving Stormy Daniels. Costello explained that Cohen had taken the initiative to handle the NDA, believing it was necessary to protect Trump’s reputation. Cohen’s decision to use his home equity line of credit to finance the NDA was portrayed as a personal choice, contradicting his claims that Trump had directed the payment.

Cohen’s Lies Exposed

Throughout his testimony, Cohen’s inconsistencies and outright lies became increasingly apparent. From his shifting narratives about the phone call with Schiller to his attempts to conceal his financial dealings, Cohen’s credibility was thoroughly dismantled. Blanche’s cross-examination exposed these lies, leaving Cohen with little room to maneuver.

Implications for the Prosecution

The fallout from Cohen’s disastrous testimony extended beyond the immediate trial. The prosecution’s reliance on Cohen, despite his evident unreliability, raised serious questions about the integrity of their case. Costello’s revelations about withheld exculpatory evidence and prosecutorial misconduct further undermined the prosecution’s position.


The day’s proceedings left a significant mark on the trial, casting doubt on the prosecution’s case against Trump. Cohen’s credibility was left in tatters, and the revelations about prosecutorial misconduct and selective evidence presentation only added to the controversy. As the trial continues, the defense’s strategy of highlighting these issues will likely play a crucial role in shaping the outcome.

The trial resumes on Monday, with Cohen set to return to the stand for further cross-examination. Observers and legal analysts will be watching closely to see how the prosecution attempts to salvage their case amidst the growing doubts about their key witness.

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