Fani and Cassidy COLLUDED to GET TRUMP!

Rep. Loudermilk is investigating collusion between the J6 Committee, Fani Willis, and Cassidy Hutchinson (Clavicle Girl) after reports revealed communications between their offices as they coordinated their efforts to get Trump.


In this report:

In a stunning revelation, it has come to light that Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson may have colluded to take down former President Donald Trump. Newly uncovered evidence suggests a web of communications and interactions that raises serious questions about the integrity of their actions.

The Bombshell Discovery

A crucial letter has been discovered from Fani Willis, acting in her capacity as the DA, to Liz Cheney, dated December 2021. This letter has sparked a firestorm of controversy, especially as Cheney allegedly attempted to delete these records. The contents of the letter indicate that Willis was seeking information about interactions with key figures like Mark Meadows, Tony Ornato, and Pat Cipollone—individuals who had direct knowledge contradicting Cassidy Hutchinson’s claims.

Hutchinson’s Contested Testimony

Cassidy Hutchinson, dubbed “clavicle girl” for her dramatic testimony, claimed that Trump tried to grab the clavicle of the car’s driver to head to the Capitol on January 6th. However, this story has been debunked by those present, including Secret Service agents who have publicly denied such an event ever occurred. Despite this, Hutchinson has been promoted as a hero by the left, with her story significantly shifting after multiple meetings with Liz Cheney.

Congressional Inquiries

Representative Barry Loudermilk has stepped in, demanding transparency from Fani Willis. He has called for all communications between Willis and Hutchinson to be disclosed, including those involving Hutchinson’s mother. This request aims to uncover any improper influence or coordination between Willis and the January 6th Committee led by Liz Cheney.

Loudermilk’s inquiry is grounded in the need to evaluate the reliability of Hutchinson’s testimony, given the inconsistencies and lack of corroborating evidence. The goal is to determine whether Willis played a role in shaping Hutchinson’s narrative to fit a particular agenda.

Alyssa Farah Griffin’s Involvement

The investigation does not stop with Hutchinson. Alyssa Farah Griffin, another prominent anti-Trump figure, is also under scrutiny. Known for her role as a press secretary for Mike Pence and her subsequent position at CNN, Griffin’s interactions with Hutchinson are now being questioned. Hutchinson’s own memoir, “Enough,” details conversations with Griffin that preceded her revised testimony.

Loudermilk’s letter to Griffin seeks comprehensive records of her communications with the January 6th Committee and any related entities. The aim is to understand the extent of her influence on Hutchinson’s evolving story and whether there was any coordinated effort to mislead the investigation.

Unanswered Questions

The heart of the matter revolves around the motivations and actions of Fani Willis and her office. There are allegations that Willis’s office reached out to Hutchinson’s mother, which raises further questions about the nature of these interactions. Additionally, there is concern over the destruction of records by the January 6th Committee, which could be seen as an attempt to hide critical evidence.

The Legal and Political Implications

The implications of these revelations are profound. If it is proven that there was a coordinated effort to fabricate or exaggerate claims against Trump, it could undermine the legitimacy of the January 6th investigation and the ongoing legal battles surrounding it.

Fani Willis’s involvement, in particular, is being closely scrutinized. Her correspondence with the January 6th Committee and her role in seeking Hutchinson’s testimony are central to understanding whether there was an abuse of power or a breach of ethical standards.

Moving Forward

As the investigation by Representative Loudermilk and his subcommittee progresses, the public can expect more details to emerge. The demand for transparency and accountability is at an all-time high, with calls for all related communications and records to be disclosed.

In the coming weeks, key figures like Hutchinson, Griffin, and Willis may be called to provide further testimony and clarify their actions. The outcome of this inquiry could have far-reaching consequences for all involved, including potential legal ramifications and shifts in public perception.


The potential collusion between Fani Willis, Cassidy Hutchinson, and Alyssa Farah Griffin represents a significant development in the ongoing saga of the January 6th investigation. The pursuit of truth and justice requires a thorough examination of all communications and interactions, and the spotlight is now firmly on those who may have played a role in shaping a narrative against Donald Trump. As more information comes to light, the American public awaits answers that could reshape the understanding of this pivotal moment in history.


Daily Caller Obtained 6-6-24 Fulton County Letter by Robert Gouveia on Scribd

Fani Appeal Doomed Granted by Robert Gouveia on Scribd

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