Fani RAGES at Investigations and Appeal “They Can Keep Lookin'”

Fani Willis doesn’t care if Congress is “pissed off” over her refusal to cooperate with inquiries, saying she doesn’t need anyone to be her daddy.


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Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is under fire and she’s not taking it lightly. Amid ongoing investigations and scrutiny, Willis has lashed out at her critics, telling them bluntly to mind their own business. Despite the growing pressure from both local and federal authorities, Willis remains defiant, showing no signs of backing down.

Fani’s Fiery Response

Fani Willis has made it clear that she’s not interested in appeasing her detractors. Faced with multiple inquiries from the Georgia Senate and the United States Senate, Willis has dismissed their concerns, stating that if they’re upset with her, that’s their problem. Using strong language, she made it known that she’s not going to be dictated to by anyone.

Senate’s Inquiries

The Senate has sent numerous inquiries to Willis’s office, questioning the use of federal grants and funds. According to recent reports, these grants, intended for law enforcement and gang prevention initiatives, may have been misused. The Senate’s letter highlighted several areas of concern, including allegations that funds were used for unrelated travel, computers, and other expenditures.

Federal Grants Under Scrutiny

In 2020, Willis’s office received $500,000 to establish the Fulton County Center for Gang Prevention. However, the center has yet to open, and the building meant to house it remains padlocked. Reports suggest that portions of these federal grants may have been used improperly. Specifically, $88,900 was transferred to the Offender Alumni Association, but the Justice Department found inconsistencies in the reporting of these funds.

Whistleblower Allegations

Amanda Timpson, the former director of the Gang Prevention and Intervention Center, reported that funds were being misused for ineligible expenses like computers and travel. After raising these concerns, Timpson was fired. This dismissal raised further questions about the management and use of the grant money.

Misuse of Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Funds

In addition to gang prevention funds, Willis’s office also received $2 million for the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative. However, a significant portion of this funding was spent on travel and conference expenses rather than forensic and DNA testing. This misuse of funds has prompted the Senate to request a detailed accounting of all expenditures related to federal grants.

Senate’s Demands

The Senate’s letter to Willis was firm, demanding a comprehensive list of all federal grants received by her office, along with a complete accounting of expenditures. They also requested records related to the planned use of these funds. The deadline for Willis to respond is May 29th, and the pressure is on for her to provide transparency and accountability.

Appeal Process Begins

Amidst these investigations, the Georgia Court of Appeals has accepted the process for an appeal related to Willis’s conduct. This complex legal procedure requires multiple steps, including obtaining permission from lower courts and filing notices of appeal. Several defendants, including Michael Roman and David Shafer, have already submitted their notices, challenging Willis’s actions and decisions.

Georgia GOP’s Reaction

The Georgia Republican Party has welcomed the court’s decision to take up the appeal. GOP Chairman Josh McKoon stated that this is the first step in addressing the damage caused by Willis’s actions. He emphasized the importance of holding Willis accountable and putting an end to what he described as the weaponization of the criminal justice system.

Looking Ahead

As the investigations and appeals move forward, all eyes will be on Fani Willis and how she handles the mounting pressure. Her defiant stance and strong language suggest she is prepared to fight back, but the outcome of these legal and political battles remains uncertain. The implications for Willis’s career and the broader justice system in Fulton County are significant.


Fani Willis’s defiance in the face of multiple investigations highlights the intense scrutiny and pressure she is under. The Senate’s demands for transparency and accountability, coupled with the ongoing appeal process, set the stage for a contentious battle. As these developments unfold, the legal and political landscape in Fulton County will undoubtedly be impacted. Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to follow this evolving story.


Senate Johnson and Grassley Letter Re Fan Willis by Robert Gouveia on Scribd

Fani Appeal Docs and Notice of Appeal Michael Roman by Robert Gouveia on Scribd

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