Fani’s J6 Collusion EXPOSED; Hunter’s Prosecutor OBJECTS to Trump Subpoena; Ballot Removal Oral Args

Former President Donald Trump has faced relentless attacks and biased investigations, but his resilience and dedication to the American people remain unwavering. Recent events, including alleged collusion, objections to a subpoena, and a ballot removal controversy, underscore the unfair treatment he has endured.


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In the face of relentless attacks and biased investigations, former President Donald Trump continues to showcase his resilience and determination to fight for the American people. Recent events, such as the collusion allegations with the January 6th Select Committee, objections to a subpoena for Hunter Biden, and the ballot removal controversy, highlight the unjust treatment that Trump has endured. This article aims to shed light on these issues and emphasize Trump’s unwavering dedication to upholding the principles of justice and fairness.

Fani’s Collusion

Fani’s collaboration with the January 6th Select Committee raises concerns about potential bias and an unfair investigation against Donald Trump. As highlighted in a new letter released by Congress, Fani sought additional records from Bennie Thompson and the J6’ers as part of her inquiry into the Georgia RICO allegations. This apparent collusion accentuates the committee’s preconceived notions, undermining the integrity of the investigation and its ultimate findings.

The principles of due process and fairness should apply in any investigation, even those that involve prominent political figures. Sadly, it seems that such principles have been disregarded in this instance. The spectacle of collusion between Fani and the committee casts doubt on the credibility and impartiality of the proceedings, calling into question the legitimacy of any conclusions reached. This revelation undoubtedly strengthens the argument that Trump has been subjected to a biased investigation, orchestrated with the primary aim of tarnishing his reputation.

Objections to Hunter Biden’s Subpoena

The Department of Justice’s objections to Hunter Biden’s request for a Trump subpoena in the Delaware criminal prosecution highlight the unfair treatment Trump has faced. Prosecutor Leo Wise, representing the government, argues that Hunter’s request is overly broad and lacks evidence to support his claims of vindictive prosecution. This objection raises doubts about the integrity of the prosecution against Trump and further shines a light on the double standards applied by the justice system.

Trump has consistently faced relentless scrutiny and investigations while often being denied the opportunity to present his side of the story. The objections raised in this case serve as another example of the systematic bias that Trump has encountered. Without the benefit of equal treatment under the law, the former president’s ability to defend himself and present relevant evidence is severely hindered. These objections only reinforce the notion that Trump has faced an uphill battle against a justice system seemingly pursuing unjust objectives.

Ballot Removal Controversy

The ballot removal “test case” being brought before the Colorado Supreme Court raises concerns about fair and equal treatment for Donald Trump. The scrutiny surrounding Trump’s place on the ballot challenges the democratic process and raises questions about the legitimacy of the decision-making process. The justices’ questioning during the oral arguments reflects the complexities of the situation and highlights the importance of unbiased judgment in challenging decisions that can impact the electoral process.

Regardless of one’s political affiliations, it is crucial to recognize that all candidates should be treated fairly. Trump’s rightful place on the ballot should not be subject to undue interference or biased judgment. Democracy demands a level playing field, ensuring that voters have a diverse range of options to choose from. Ultimately, the Colorado Supreme Court’s decision holds substantial implications for the democratic process and underscores Trump’s fight for fair treatment.


Donald Trump’s resilience and determination remain unshakable in the face of numerous obstacles. The collusion allegations, objections to a subpoena for Hunter Biden, and the ballot removal controversy highlight the unjust treatment and bias he has faced. Despite these challenges, Trump continues to advocate for fairness and justice, reflecting his unwavering dedication to the American people. As events continue to unfold, it is imperative that the principles of democracy and equal treatment prevail, fostering a fair landscape for all political figures.

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