Letitia James UNDER FIRE over Biden Prosecutor Matthew Colangelo

Letitia James was hit with a Congressional inquiry over her role in using Biden prosecutor Matthew Colangelo to target Trump in multiple investigations. Rep. Jim Jordan explains.


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New York Attorney General Letitia James is facing a fresh wave of scrutiny, this time from Congress, over her connections to Matthew Colangelo. Colangelo, a former prosecutor under Obama and Biden, now works for Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. His frequent involvement in cases against former President Donald Trump has raised questions about his role and the potential political motivations behind these prosecutions.

Congressional Inquiry into Letitia James

Congress, led by House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, has launched an inquiry into Letitia James, focusing on her connections to Colangelo. The inquiry seeks to determine whether James and her office have been politically motivated in their prosecution efforts against Trump. Jordan’s letter to James outlines concerns about Colangelo’s history and his recent employment, questioning the potential bias in his relentless pursuit of Trump.

Matthew Colangelo’s Prosecution History

Colangelo has a long history of targeting Trump. At the New York Attorney General’s office, he was Chief Counsel for Federal Initiatives, leading investigations against Trump and challenging Trump administration policies. When Biden took office, Colangelo became the Acting Associate Attorney General and later the Principal Deputy Associate Attorney General at the Department of Justice. In December, Alvin Bragg hired him to jumpstart the investigation into Trump, filling the void left by the departures of Pomerantz and Carey Dunne.

Concerns About Political Motivation

The congressional inquiry highlights the perception that the DOJ is aiding Bragg’s politically charged prosecution of Trump. Colangelo’s extensive involvement in multiple prosecutions against Trump, coupled with his rapid transitions between roles under Democratic administrations, has raised eyebrows. This perception is further fueled by Bragg’s reliance on Michael Cohen, a convicted felon with a personal vendetta against Trump, as a star witness.

Jim Jordan’s Letter to Letitia James

Jordan’s letter demands comprehensive documentation from James’s office, including communications between Colangelo and other employees, as well as any correspondence with the Democratic National Committee or Joe Biden. The letter emphasizes the need for transparency and accountability, suggesting that Colangelo’s actions may have been politically driven rather than based on legal merit.

Potential Impact on Trump Trials

This inquiry comes at a critical time as Trump faces multiple legal battles. The investigation into Colangelo’s role and potential bias could influence public perception and the outcomes of these trials. If Congress uncovers evidence of political motivation, it could undermine the legitimacy of the prosecutions and bolster Trump’s defense.

Jim Jordan’s Public Statements

Jim Jordan has publicly criticized Colangelo’s involvement in the prosecutions against Trump. He points out that Colangelo’s transitions between prosecuting Trump at the state level, working for the DOJ under Biden, and returning to New York to prosecute Trump again, suggest a coordinated effort to target Trump. Jordan also highlights the discrepancies in how the DOJ has handled similar cases involving Biden and Trump, questioning the impartiality of the justice system.

The Broader Implications

The scrutiny of Colangelo’s role underscores broader concerns about the politicization of the justice system. The repeated targeting of Trump by individuals with ties to Democratic administrations raises questions about fairness and impartiality. The outcome of this inquiry could have far-reaching implications for the integrity of the justice system and the public’s trust in its independence.

The Role of Matthew Colangelo

Matthew Colangelo appears to be a central figure in the legal battles against Trump. His repeated involvement in high-profile cases against Trump, coupled with his rapid career moves between state and federal positions, has fueled suspicions of a politically motivated agenda. The congressional inquiry seeks to shed light on his actions and motivations, aiming to ensure that justice is administered fairly and without bias.


Letitia James is under intense scrutiny from Congress as the inquiry into Matthew Colangelo’s role unfolds. The investigation aims to uncover whether there has been a coordinated effort to target Trump for political reasons. As this inquiry progresses, it could have significant implications for the ongoing legal battles involving Trump and the broader perception of justice in America.


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