Michael Cohen CRUSHED During CROSS; Dems PREPPED Testimony; Trial Day 17

In a startling revelation during the Trump Trial, Democrat Dan Goldman admitted to prepping Michael Cohen before his testimony, casting doubt on Cohen’s credibility. Financial records also show that Goldman paid Judge Merchan’s daughter a significant sum to run his campaign marketing, raising concerns about the trial’s integrity and fairness.


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The Puzzling Relationship Between Dan Goldman and Michael Cohen

In the midst of the Trump Trial, a startling revelation has come to light. Democrat Dan Goldman, who was initially perceived as an impartial figure, has admitted to prepping Michael Cohen prior to his testimony. This unexpected admission raises questions about the integrity of Cohen’s testimony and the potential influence of Goldman on the trial’s outcome.

Michael Cohen, a former attorney for Donald Trump, was expected to provide crucial evidence against the former president. However, the revelation of his relationship with Dan Goldman has cast a shadow of doubt over his credibility. The fact that Goldman, a staunch Democrat, was involved in preparing Cohen’s testimony suggests a possible political motive behind the trial. It remains to be seen how this newfound information will impact the jury’s perception of Cohen’s testimony and, ultimately, the outcome of the Trump Trial.

The Curious Involvement of Judge Merchan’s Daughter

Further complicating the situation is the discovery of financial records that reveal a suspicious connection between Dan Goldman and Judge Merchan’s daughter. According to the records, Goldman paid a substantial sum of money to the judge’s daughter to manage the marketing for his campaign. This raises questions about the impartiality of Judge Merchan, given the financial ties between him and a key figure in the Trump Trial.

The involvement of Judge Merchan’s daughter in Goldman’s campaign raises concerns about potential conflicts of interest. While it is not uncommon for campaign staff to have connections to influential individuals, the close relationship between Goldman and the judge’s daughter has the potential to sway the judge’s decisions in the trial. The financial ties between the two may lead to accusations of favoritism or even corruption, further complicating an already contentious trial.

Michael Cohen’s History of Trump Hatred, Lies, and Misconduct

Adding to the intrigue surrounding the Trump Trial is Michael Cohen’s own history of animosity towards the former president. During cross-examination, defense attorney Todd Blanche skillfully highlighted Cohen’s well-documented Trump hatred, lies, and misconduct. This damning evidence has further eroded Cohen’s credibility as a witness and raised questions about the motivations behind his testimony.

The Trump Trial has been plagued by controversy since its inception, with accusations of political motivations and personal vendettas. The recent revelations about Dan Goldman’s involvement in prepping Michael Cohen and the financial ties between Goldman and Judge Merchan’s daughter only serve to fuel these suspicions. As the trial progresses, it remains to be seen how these new revelations will impact the outcome and whether the truth will ultimately prevail.

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