Terrence Bradley’s Texts CONFIRM Fani-Wade Relationship LIES

Terrence Bradley’s texts with Ashleigh Merchant have been released courtesy of @PhilHollowayEsq and @MegynKelly and confirm he was either lying then or lying now. Members of Congress react and the Georgia Senate investigation into Fani Willis heats up.


In this report:

In a dramatic twist to an already convoluted legal saga, recent revelations have come to light involving Terrence Bradley, a former attorney and friend of Nathan Wade. These revelations have sparked widespread scrutiny and debate, unraveling a complex tale of potential deceit, conflicting narratives, and legal intrigue that cuts deep into the fabric of the legal community.

The Heart of the Matter

At the center of this controversy are communications between Bradley and various parties that suggest significant inconsistencies in his previous testimony. Bradley, who had initially denied any knowledge of a romantic relationship between Fani and Nathan Wade, is now seen in a different light following the public release of these messages. The contradiction between his court statements and the content of his communications with Ashleigh Merchant, another attorney, raises serious questions about the truthfulness of his testimony.

These communications indicate that Bradley had, at one point, suggested that the relationship between Fani and Nathan Wade began when both were serving as Municipal Court judges. This assertion starkly contrasts with his later denials, suggesting Bradley might have been protecting the interests of the involved parties or, worse, covering for their relationship.

Unraveling the Web

Phil Holloway, an attorney who obtained these messages, and Megyn Kelly, who discussed them publicly, have brought to light the intricate dynamics and potential discrepancies in Bradley’s account. The detailed content of these communications reveals a tangled web of personal and professional connections, speculation, and potential deceit. This not only highlights Bradley’s shifting narrative but also suggests a deeper layer of complexity within this legal battle.

Implications and Scrutiny

The allegations of inconsistencies and potential misconduct have not gone unnoticed. The situation has drawn significant attention from the public, legal experts, and political figures, intensifying scrutiny and debate over the integrity of the legal system and the ethical responsibilities of its practitioners. The involvement of high-profile individuals and entities, coupled with potential Senate probes, underscores the broader implications of personal relationships on professional duties within the legal and political spheres.

The Larger Picture

The unfolding narrative around Terrence Bradley, Fani Willis, Nathan Wade, and their connections paints a troubling picture of alleged corruption, infidelity, and professional misconduct. Bradley’s communications suggest a familiarity with the Fani-Wade relationship that exceeds what he had previously admitted, implicating financial manipulation and professional favoritism.

This episode has not only captivated media attention but has also elicited a strong reaction from politicians and legal experts. The broader concern here extends beyond the personal drama; it touches on the very principles of justice, accountability, and the potential for bias and corruption within the legal system. The ongoing discourse and investigations into this matter are revealing the depth of the issues at stake, emphasizing the need for transparency and ethical conduct among public officials.

Legislative Action

In response to the swirling allegations, the Georgia Senate has taken decisive action by moving forward with a resolution aimed at addressing the misconduct attributed to Fani Willis, the District Attorney for the Atlanta Judicial Circuit. The resolution seeks to establish a special Senate committee on investigations tasked with probing the accusations against Willis, including the misuse of public funds for Nathan Wade and the conflict of interest stemming from their alleged romantic relationship.

This legislative initiative highlights the gravity of the situation and the potential inadequacies of current state laws to effectively address such misconduct. The committee’s findings could lead to significant consequences for Willis, including recusal, the appointment of a special prosecutor, and disciplinary actions. This development, underscored by the public release of pertinent communications, signifies a critical step toward restoring public confidence in the judicial system and underscores the paramount importance of accountability and integrity in public office.


The revelations surrounding Terrence Bradley and the implicated parties have thrust into the spotlight the intricate and often murky intersection of personal relationships and professional obligations within the legal realm. As this saga continues to unfold, it serves as a stark reminder of the importance of ethical conduct, transparency, and accountability, not only for the individuals involved but for the legal system as a whole. The ongoing investigations and legislative actions reflect a collective effort to uphold these principles and ensure that justice, in its truest form, is served.


Fani Willis Georgia Senate Resolution by Robert Gouveia on Scribd

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