Trump SHATTERS Fundraising Goals in Post-Verdict FALLOUT

Trump shattered fundraising goals, saying they’ve raised $400 million since the “guilty” verdicts in New York, and even more now that Silicon Valley Tech Bros like David Sacks are pledging their support to Trump 2024.


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In an impressive display of resilience and support, former President Donald Trump has shattered fundraising goals in the aftermath of his recent legal verdict. Despite facing 34 felony counts, Trump has managed to turn the situation to his advantage, rallying his base and raising unprecedented amounts of campaign funds.

Record-Breaking Fundraising

Immediately following the announcement of the verdict, Trump’s campaign experienced a massive influx of donations, reportedly nearing $400 million. This extraordinary sum highlights the unwavering support from his base, who see the legal challenges as politically motivated attacks against their leader. Trump himself announced this milestone during a rally in Arizona, emphasizing the groundswell of support and the belief among his supporters that the system is rigged against him.

Arizona Rally and San Francisco Fundraiser

Trump’s appearance in Arizona was just the beginning. After the rally, he traveled to San Francisco, where he attended a high-profile fundraiser hosted by tech entrepreneurs David Sacks and Chamath Palihapitiya. This event, attended by prominent figures from the tech industry, raised an additional $12 million. The enthusiastic turnout and substantial contributions from typically liberal San Francisco underscored Trump’s broadening appeal.

Public Reaction to the Verdict

The reaction to the verdict has been mixed, but within Trump’s camp, it has only fueled further determination and financial support. Trump has framed the charges as part of a broader effort to undermine his candidacy and has vowed to fight back vigorously. His supporters, galvanized by this narrative, have responded with unprecedented financial backing.

Criticism of the Legal Process

Trump has been vocal about what he describes as a “rigged trial” overseen by a “highly conflicted judge.” He argues that the case against him was fabricated and only pursued due to his political ambitions. Trump’s narrative resonates with his supporters, who view the legal challenges as part of a corrupt system targeting their preferred candidate.

Tech Industry Support

The fundraiser in San Francisco highlighted significant backing from influential tech figures. David Sacks, who had previously hosted events for other political figures, officially endorsed Trump, citing economic and foreign policy concerns. Sacks pointed out the current administration’s handling of the economy, foreign policy blunders, and open border policies as reasons for his support. This endorsement from a prominent tech entrepreneur adds a new dimension to Trump’s campaign, attracting support from sectors traditionally skeptical of his policies.

Bill Barr’s Critique

Former Attorney General Bill Barr has also weighed in, describing the case against Trump as an “abomination” and expressing concerns about its impact on the credibility of the justice system. Barr predicted that the case would likely be overturned after the election but warned about the potential damage to public trust in the interim. His comments reflect a growing unease among some conservatives about the weaponization of the legal system for political ends.

Broader Implications

The ongoing legal battles and the aggressive fundraising efforts have broader implications for the political landscape. Trump’s ability to mobilize support and raise substantial funds despite legal setbacks demonstrates his enduring influence and the deep loyalty of his base. This financial war chest will be crucial as he prepares for the upcoming presidential election, ensuring that he remains a formidable contender.


Trump’s post-verdict fundraising success underscores his resilience and the unwavering support of his base. The record-breaking $400 million in donations, coupled with significant contributions from high-profile fundraisers, highlights a campaign that is not only surviving but thriving amidst legal challenges. As the legal and political battles continue, Trump’s ability to galvanize support and raise funds will be a critical factor in his bid to return to the White House.

Stay tuned for further updates as we continue to cover the fallout from the verdict, Trump’s campaign activities, and the broader political implications. Thank you for following along, and be sure to join us for our next segment on Biden’s legal troubles and the latest developments in the ongoing investigations.

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