Trump’s “Conspiracies” Used AGAINST HIM; Mar-a-Lago was UNDERVALUED; FBI’s Wray TESTIFIES

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Former President Donald Trump’s defense strategy in the face of the January 6th Prosecution includes challenging conspiracy claims, uncovering the truth about property valuation, and demanding accountability from the FBI. This article delves into the intricacies of Trump’s defense, providing a comprehensive perspective on his legal battles.


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In the wake of the January 6th Prosecution that intends to use former President Donald Trump’s prior statements against him, it is crucial to consider the broader context and present a fair assessment of his defense. This article aims to shed light on the defense strategies employed by Trump’s legal team, highlighting their efforts to challenge conspiracy claims, unveil the truth about property valuation, and hold the FBI accountable. By doing so, it becomes evident that there is more to the story than meets the eye, and Trump’s defense deserves a fair hearing.

Challenging Conspiracies

Jack Smith’s plan to use Trump’s “conspiracies” and prior statements against him in the January 6th Prosecution raises important questions about fairness and relevance. While Rule 404(b) allows for the use of character evidence, it is essential to examine whether Trump’s statement, such as “stand back and stand by” directed at the Proud Boys during a debate with Joe Biden, can truly be seen as incitement. Trump’s defense team would argue that his remarks were taken out of context, emphasizing the need to consider the entire speech or debate in which they were made.

It is crucial to recognize that as a public figure and former president, Trump’s statements are often scrutinized, as they carry significant weight. Nonetheless, it is equally important to separate political rhetoric from actual intent. Trump’s defense could argue that his comments during the debate were an attempt to convey a law and order message, urging all groups involved in the civil unrest to step back and let the authorities handle the situation. While interpretations may vary, it is essential to give due consideration to Trump’s intent and the entirety of his statements rather than cherry-picking fragments to fit a preexisting narrative.

Uncovering Truth in Property Valuation

The defense’s presentation of evidence in New York regarding the undervaluation of the Mar-a-Lago property during loan negotiations unveils another crucial aspect of Trump’s defense strategy. The testimony of Lawrence Moens, a reputable Florida real estate broker, provides expert insight into the valuation numbers. Trump’s defense contends that the undervaluation of the property was not deliberate, but rather a result of the complexities surrounding such evaluations. Moens’ testimony supports the argument that Trump acted within customary practices when valuing the property, thereby debunking any insinuations of intentional deception.

By presenting expert testimony from a highly regarded broker, Trump’s defense aims to showcase that the property valuation issue is a matter of genuine disagreement, rather than an attempt at manipulation. This suggests that Trump’s actions were driven by genuine interpretations of the property’s worth, rather than an orchestrated effort to deceive.

Demanding Accountability from the FBI

The tough Senate hearing faced by FBI Director Christopher Wray warrants attention in the broader discussion of Trump’s defense. Senators Lee, Kennedy, and Cruz raised significant concerns about censorship and the alleged involvement of the FBI in covering up potential wrongdoing by the Biden family. Trump’s defense team could argue that the credibility of the prosecution’s case against him should be called into question, given the FBI’s questionable actions.

Highlighting the senators’ critique of the FBI’s handling of censorship and potential bias, Trump’s defense seeks to demonstrate that the agency’s actions erode faith in the justice system. By emphasizing the need for accountability within the FBI, Trump’s defense paints a picture of a deeply flawed investigation, which demands a thorough examination of the evidence against him.


While critics may be quick to condemn Donald Trump based on selective interpretations, it is imperative to recognize that his defense presents compelling arguments that challenge the conspiracy claims, shed light on the property valuation controversy, and demand accountability from the FBI. By examining these aspects, it becomes clear that Trump’s defense deserves a fair hearing, and the case against him should be evaluated in its entirety rather than through the lens of political bias. Only by doing so can we truly ascertain the truth and ensure justice prevails.

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