“The Watcher” Custom Stitched Hat – Heather Grey and Black Left Panel Logo Placement

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“The Watcher” Hat is perfect for any lover of symbolism and shade.

What is Symbolism behind “The Watcher” in the Watching the Watchers Gear? Let’s review.

Lady Liberty:

Front and center is “The Watcher”, resembling the iconic Lady Liberty. Inspired by Libertas, the Roman Goddess of Freedom, Libertas protected the Roman Republic from tyranny and oppression. America adopted the ideals of Liberty in the Declaration of Independence and memorialized Lady Liberty as a shining icon of American identity in the Statue of Liberty. The desire for Liberty has burned in the hearts of mankind for thousands of years and the Lady Liberty symbol has withstood the test of time. The Watcher centers Lady Liberty to remember and honor those who stand proud in the pursuit of liberty.

The (Unbalanced) Scales of Justice:

Next, we see The Watcher holding an Unbalanced Scales of Justice. The Scales of Justice have been prevalent since as far back as Ancient Egypt, where during “Ma’at” ceremony Egyptians weighed the heart of a deceased person against sacred feathers to determine whether that person would be granted entry to the afterlife. Only a righteous person with a balanced scale could pass.

In the Old Testament, we learned about “divine judgment” and the use of the Scales of Justice when Daniel explained “the writing on the wall” to King Belshazzar in the Book of Daniel. The King, who had desecrated the Temple in Jerusalem, learns that his actions were “weighed on the scales and found wanting.”

In America, the Scales of Justice are integrated into our courts, government buildings, and law enforcement institutions with the promise of fairness and equal application of the law. The Unbalanced Scales worn by the Watcher reflects the current disorderly state of Justice in America, which includes malicious prosecutions, political targeting, and an unequal protection of the law. The Watcher presents the Unbalanced Scales for all to see, leading a call to return to orderly Justice.

The Sword:

In The Watcher’s other hand, she holds the Sword. The Sword has symbolized wisdom, justice, and spiritual liberation since the dawn of mankind. The Roman goddess Justitia (aka Lady Justice) held the sword to emphasize the coercive power of the law to hold those accountable who violate established rights. Today, you will find Lady Justice adorned in Courtrooms across America, reminding litigants about the principles of Justice every day. The Sword also crosses culture and religion, with practitioners of Buddhism referring to the “Sword of Wisdom” as a symbol that represents the sharpness and clarity of wisdom, and the power to cut through the bonds of ignorance. The Watcher wields the Sword to remember to accumulate knowledge and to eliminate the bonds of ignorance in the pursuit of justice.

The Shield:

The Shield has served as a potent symbol throughout history beyond its use as a defensive tool. For the Spartan soldier, it was an emblem of social cohesion, a commitment to well-being, and a psychological fortification. In battle, the Spartans joined their shields together to form a Phalanx, making it nearly impossible for enemies to breach Spartan lines. During the middle ages, shields were passed down through generations to signify lineage, allegiances and honors. The Watcher wears the Shield as a reminder to honor our traditional values, commit to the safety of our communities, and defend our freedom.


Product details:

– 74/26 polyester/cotton
– Flexfit® technology
– Structured, six-panel, mid-profile
– Snapback closure

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